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Ambassador Kirk Meets with the Washington State Congressional Delegation

11/03/2009 - 9:48am

ARK_WA Breakfast

Today Ambassador Kirk joined Washington State Governor Christine Gregoire, the Washington state Congressional delegation and businesses from the state to discuss the importance of trade.

The discussion began with the fact that one-in-three jobs in Washington depend on trade and the state leads the country in exports. All of the participants agreed that a robust trade agenda was critical to the U.S. economy and to the state of Washington.

Ambassador Kirk and his team were applauded for their efforts in China and encouraged to do more to strengthen IP rights, advance export opportunities and promote fair competition in the global marketplace.

One of the big issues for the members of the Washington delegation was Innovation and the export of clean technology to emerging markets.

The Washington delegation emphasized that their state was at the forefront of innovation and was ready to lead in the exporting of energy efficiency.

Ambassador Kirk thanked the members of the delegation for their continued support and promised to continue working to open markets for American businesses in order to create jobs and prosperity.