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Deputy U.S. Trade Representative Demetrios Marantis to Travel to China

07/07/2009 - 3:12pm

This Friday, Deputy U.S. Trade Representative Demetrios Marantis will travel to China before heading to Vietnam next weekend.

Ambassador Marantis will lead the delegation to China in preparation for the upcoming U.S.-China Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade (JCCT), to help advance work for the U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue (S & ED), and conduct meetings with the Chinese government and stakeholders on key bilateral issues. In Qingdao and Beijing, Ambassador Marantis will meet with Chinese senior officials and U.S. and Chinese businesses in China to discuss these events, and China's industrial policies as well.

After his time in China, Ambassador Marantis will travel to Vietnam as the first Obama Administration official to visit that country. While in Hanoi, in addition with meeting with Vietnamese senior officials and key stakeholders, Ambassador Marantis will deliver remarks before the Foreign Trade University.

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