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United States Trade Repesentative, Ambassador Susan C. Schwab, made the following statement regarding today's APEC Leaders statement on the Doha Development Round

The Leaders' statement on Doha is a strong, clear and urgent message of commitment by all APEC members to contribute in the negotiations resuming in Geneva. The statement is truly signficant because it represents a mix of 21 countries - developed and developing, large and small, east and west - agreeing on the need for ambitious results that will deliver new trade flows.

The APEC leaders have put forward a challenge to the rest of the world -- from Brasilia to Delhi to Brussels -- by pledging to show the ambition, political will and flexibility necessary to achieve success.

The APEC leaders are calling on others to do the same -- while also endorsing the current draft texts on agriculture and industrial goods as the basis for the resumed negotiations in Geneva.