USTR - Press Release,420,422/10en-usReadout of Meetings Between Acting Deputy USTR Wendy Cutler and Ambassador Takeo Mori of Japan on Motor Vehicle Trade Washington, D.C. – Acting Deputy USTR Wendy Cutler and Ambassador Takeo Mori of Japan concluded three days of meetings regarding U.S.-Japan parallel negotiations on motor vehicle trade. Both governments continued to make steady progress and narrow the remaining differences, building on the momentum from meetings recently held in Tokyo. The United States and Japan are still working through a number of important issues, and dates for the next meetings will be set in the near future. of Meeting Between Acting Deputy USTR Wendy Cutler and Ambassador Hiroshi Oe on TPP and Agriculture Washington, D.C. – Acting Deputy USTR Wendy Cutler concluded two days of constructive meetings with Ambassador Hiroshi Oe of Japan regarding bilateral market access in the TPP.  They continued to make some progress in narrowing the gaps on treatment of a range of agricultural products.  The next meetings are planned for August 4-5 in Washington, D.C. Policy and Our Oceans: Ambassador Froman’s Statement on President Obama’s Executive Actions to Preserve and Protect Oceans Froman highlights ongoing USTR objectives in major trade agreements that will promote ocean sustainability Washington, D.C. – U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman issued the following statement following the President’s announcement of new executive action to combat illegal fishing and support trade in legal, sustainable seafood. by Ambassador Michael Froman at the Council on Foreign Relations: The Strategic Logic of TradeRemarks by Ambassador Michael Froman at the Council on Foreign RelationsThe Strategic Logic of Trade New York, N.Y. June 16, 2014 *As Delivered* Statement at the TPP Ministers Meeting in SingaporeSingapore - We, the Ministers and Heads of Delegation for Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, the United States, and Vietnam have just completed a two-day ministerial meeting during which we reviewed recent bilateral engagements, including the U.S.-Japan negotiations last month, as well as the results of the Chief Negotiators meeting last week in Ho Chi Minh City. Meetings in Vietnam Chief negotiators and key experts from the Trans-Pacific Partnership countries met this week in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam . Below is a detailed breakdown by date of the meetings:May 12-15: Chief Negotiators of Meeting between U.S. Trade Representative Froman and Japanese Minister of Economic and Fiscal Policy Akira AmariWashington, D.C. - We have spent the past several weeks working to narrow gaps with Japan.  The round we just completed was focused but difficult.  After more than 20 hours of negotiations, we continue to make progress, and we are now faced with a reasonable number of outstanding issues.  These issues are important to both sides and considerable differences remain. 2014-04-18T04:00:00Froman: Atlas Devices Exemplifies Trade's Capacity to Unlock Opportunity, Support JobsBoston – Ambassador Michael Froman joined Boston-based Atlas Devices in unveiling a factory expansion that will increase the company’s manufacturing capacity and support more jobs in Boston as a direct result of the company’s success in exporting. Deputy USTR Wendy Cutler to host U.S.-Japan bilateral meetings on the Trans-Pacific PartnershipWashington, D.C. - During March 27-28, Acting Deputy USTR Cutler will meet Ambassador Hiroshi Oe of Japan in Washington, D.C., to continue bilateral market access negotiations in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Several days of working-level meetings on market access will also take place between the American and Japanese negotiating teams beginning March 26. of Meeting Between Acting Deputy USTR Wendy Cutler and Ambassador Hiroshi Oe on TPPWashington, D.C. - Acting Deputy USTR Cutler and Ambassador Hiroshi Oe of Japan completed two days of negotiations on TPP market access issues, focusing on the treatment of agricultural products.  Limited progress was made so far this week and significant gaps remain. Working-level meetings will continue through Friday.  Cutler and Oe agreed to continue discussions on these issues in an effort  to narrow the gaps in the weeks ahead.  Dates for subsequent discussions will be set through diplomatic channels.