USTR - Fact Sheet,40/10en-usTelecommunications in the U.S. – Panama Trade Promotion AgreementIn an increasing dynamic environment, U.S. telecommunications operators continue to look for opportunities to extend the reach of their global networks in order to deliver the advanced telecommunications their customers demand. The U.S.-Panama Trade Promotion Agreement (the “Agreement”) provides yet another opportunity for U.S. operators to gain the legal certainty necessary to either make significant investments abroad or tap into existing telecommunications infrastructure to better expand their businesses.–-panama-trade-promotion-agreement2011-05-27T04:00:00Reform Agenda with Japan Yields ResultsThe United States remains actively engaged with Japan on a broad agenda of regulatory and related reforms to further open Japan 's market and help spur greater economic growth and competition through new commercial opportunities and improvements to Japan's business environment.The focal point for this intensive engagement has been the U.S.-Japan Regulatory Reform and Competition Policy Initiative (Regulatory Reform Initiative), launched in mid-2001 and now in its eighth year.