USTR - Speech,36/10en-usRemarks by Ambassador Michael Froman on Labor Enforcement Case Against GuatemalaRemarks by Ambassador Michael Froman on Labor Enforcement Case Against Guatemala September 18, 2014Washington, D.C. *As Prepared for Delivery* Values-Driven Trade Policy: Remarks by Ambassador Froman at the Center for American ProgressA VALUES-DRIVEN TRADE POLICYU.S. TRADE REPRESENTATIVE MICHAEL FROMANFEBRUARY 18, 2014 “Thank you, Neera, for that introduction.  Thank you for all of your work, in government and here at CAP, that has contributed so much to progressive economic policies that have improved the well-being of millions of Americans.  And thank you for hosting me here today. 2014-02-18T05:00:00Remarks by Ambassador Ron Kirk on Enforcement at Allegheny TechnologiesRemarks by Ambassador Ron KirkJuly 30, 2010Allegheny Technologies, Inc.Washington, Pennsylvania*As Prepared for Delivery*“It’s a pleasure to be with you all here at ATI, one of the leading specialty metals manufacturing companies in the world. As Pat was telling me, you are committed to being the very best and you are going global to get it done. of Ambassador Rob Portman, United States Trade Representative, IDB Donor Conference