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Interagency Trade Enforcement Center (ITEC)

President Obama created the Interagency Trade Enforcement Center (ITEC) by executive order in February 2012 to take a “whole-of-government” approach to monitoring and enforcing Americans’ trade rights around the world. ITEC uses expertise from across the federal government to assert U.S. trade rights obtained through various international trade agreements.

As the federal government’s primary coordinator of international and domestic trade enforcement, ITEC helps to ensure that America’s trading partners abide by their obligations, including by maintaining open markets on a non-discriminatory basis, and by following rules-based procedures in a transparent way. ITEC leverages and mobilizes the federal government’s resources and expertise to address unfair foreign trade practices and barriers. Personnel from contributing agencies form an expanded team of experienced trade litigators, language-proficient researchers, subject matter experts, and economic analysts who can help to increase engagement with foreign trade partners at the World Trade Organization and to use domestic trade enforcement authorities when necessary.

ITEC is led by a Director designated by the United States Trade Representative and a Deputy Director designated by the Secretary of Commerce.

In addition to USTR, core agencies identified in the Executive Order include:

• Department of State;

• Department of the Treasury;

• Department of Justice;

• Department of Agriculture;

• Department of Commerce;

• Department of Homeland Security;

• Office of the Director of National Intelligence; and

• Other agencies as the President, or the United States Trade Representative, may designate.

Information on specific trade enforcement actions can be found here.

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