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Other Tariff Initiatives

The U.S. economy benefits from product-specific agreements that have reduced or eliminated tariffs in many important industrial sectors.

Such initiatives include the following sectors:

In the World Trade Organization's Non-Agricultural Market Access (NAMA) negotiations, which cover industrial goods, fish, and fish products, the United States is seeking significant new competitive opportunities for U.S. businesses through cuts in applied tariff rates, and the reduction of non-tariff barriers.

Work is continuing on the following sectoral tariff initiatives, proposed by various Members:

  • autos and related parts

  • bicycles and related parts

  • chemicals

  • electronics/electrical products

  • fish and fish product

  • forest products

  • gems and jewelry

  • hand tools

  • healthcare products

  • industrial machinery

  • raw materials

  • sports equipment

  • textiles, clothing and footwear

  • toys

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