The Office of the United States Trade Representative

NAFTA Environment Ministers Adopt Trade and Environment Strategic Plan

The Environment Ministers of the United States, Canada and Mexico adopted a five-year strategic plan for the North American Commission on Environmental Cooperation (CEC) at their annual meeting in Quebec City today.  The strategic plan, which demonstrates the commitment of the three governments to give new direction to the organization and will guide the cooperative activities of the CEC for the next five years, places special emphasis on trade and environment issues.  The Ministers pledged to work closely with trade officials in all three countries in pursuing action in the following areas: (i) enhancing environmental law enforcement; (ii) preventing establishment of invasive plant and animal species; (iii) creating new markets for green products; (iv) promoting renewable energy; (v) improving and expanding green purchasing practices; and (vi) continuing the CEC’s work on environmental assessment of the NAFTA.  A press release and more information on the meeting of environment ministers and the CEC strategic plan are available on the EPA website.