Office of the United States Trade Representative


U.S Trade Representative Rob Portman Statement at the Port of New Orleans

“Today, I toured the Port of New Orleans to survey Hurricane Katrina’s impact.  While there is still work to be done, I am encouraged by the rapid recovery of the Port.  

“They’ve been open just a few days, and yet, there is a feeling of forward movement and progress.  And they are on track to be at 85 percent of capacity in a few months.  The port in south Louisiana is already operating at 85 percent capacity.  That’s both impressive and important.

“Good jobs and economic growth in the region has been and will be generated by the billions in trade flowing through the Port of New Orleans.  And many of our nation’s farmers and manufacturers rely on Louisiana ports as a central path for shipping goods to neighboring countries and trading partners across the globe.  

“The wrath of Katrina may have temporarily disrupted the ebb and flow of trade, but the Port of New Orleans is resilient. 

“OPEN FOR BUSINESS” is their message, and I will share it proudly with my fellow trade ministers around the world.”



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