Office of the United States Trade Representative
FTAA Ministerials

The negotiations for the Free Trade Area of the Americas were launched formally at the 1994 Summit of the Americas in Miami, and are scheduled to be completed by January 2005. The Eighth Ministerial Meeting to advance negotiations for the FTAA was held in Miami Nov. 20-21, 2003, and the Seventh Ministerial Meeting was held in Quito, Ecuador Nov. 1, 2002. Here are links to the ministerials that preceeded Miami and Quito, and the Summits of the Americas:

Sixth Ministerial in Buenos Aires, Argentina, April 7, 2001
- Fifth Ministerial in Toronto, Canada, November 4, 1999
- Fourth Ministerial in San Jose, Costa Rica, March 19, 1998
- Third Ministerial in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, May 16, 1997
- Second Ministerial in Cartagena, Colombia, March 21, 1996
- First Ministerial in Denver, Colorado, June 30, 1995

Summit of the Americas
- Quebec, April 2001
- Santiago, April 1998
- Miami, December 1994

Miami Ministerial
Quito Ministerial

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