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Sopogy is APEC Honolulu technology showcase winner, exporter to the Asia Pacific Region

This year, Sopogy was the APEC Honolulu technology showcase winner in recognition of Sopogy’s success in revolutionizing solar and thermal technology using MicroCSP systems.

Sopogy manufactures concentrating solar thermal technologies, or MicroCSP systems, which use mirrors to intensify solar heat. The heat generated by these mirrors is used to create process heat, solar air conditioning, or electrical power. A relatively new technology, Sopogy’s MicroCSP systems have cut the cost of solar thermal energy systems to a fraction of the cost.

Much of Sopogy’s business comes from international markets with around 80 percent of their exports going to markets in the Asia-Pacific region including Mexico, Japan, Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand, Papua New Guinea, and China. Currently, Sopogy regularly faces trade barriers in the Asia-Pacific region that affects their competitiveness.

One of the priority goals of the United States over the past year as APEC host has been to reduce trade barriers in order to create a seamless Asia-Pacific regional economy. In support of this goal, this week at the APEC Ministerial and Leaders’ Meetings in Honolulu, USTR is working with our APEC partners to try to reduce trade barriers in the Asia-Pacific region. Lowered barriers would allow companies like Sopogy to compete in foreign markets without high tariffs and other non-tariff trade barriers affecting their competitiveness.

With an increased ability to compete in foreign markets, Sopogy would be able to expand their business and support Hawaiian jobs.

“Since much of our business is international, we need the support of trade in our business. This enables us to continue to grow our business in the U.S. promoting new job creation,” said President and CEO of Sopogy Darren T. Kimura.

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