Readout of Ambassador Tai’s Stakeholder Meetings in Kenya

July 19, 2023

NAIROBI – In addition to her meeting with President William Ruto and co-chairing a meeting of the U.S.-East African Community Trade and Investment Framework Agreement Council, Ambassador Tai met with a range of stakeholders during her trip to Kenya on July 17-19, 2023.
On July 19, Ambassador Tai participated in a roundtable discussion with members of Kenya’s civil society. This included representatives from the private sector, labor leaders, and human rights organizations. Ambassador Tai stressed the Biden-Harris Administration’s support for Kenyan democracy, and for strengthening resilient, sustainable, inclusive trade ties. In keeping with President Biden’s pledge to build the economy from the bottom up and the middle out, Ambassador Tai noted the importance of ensuring that trade policy can benefit all people.
Later, Ambassador Tai hosted a roundtable with local business leaders. The discussion focused on the challenges and opportunities that Kenyan businesses face today, including supply chain vulnerabilities, workforce development, and sustainable development. Roundtable participants also discussed the benefits of the African Growth and Opportunity Act and how to create a predictable business climate in Kenya to facilitate economic growth and investment.
Both events, as well as Ambassador Tai’s visit to the electric motorbike manufacturer ARC Ride on July 17, underscore USTR’s commitment to meeting stakeholders where they are and ensuring diverse voices are represented in the policymaking process.