Weekly Trade Spotlight: Trade in New York

This week, United States Trade Representative Ron Kirk is traveling to New York. New York’s global export sales support thousands of jobs around the state and help build a stronger regional economy.

In 2009, the Empire State’s goods exports totaled $57.3 billion, a 34 percent increase over the last decade. Exports are a key component of the state’s economy, benefitting workers and businesses throughout the state.

New York is the third largest exporter of goods in the country, supporting an estimated 293,000 jobs to the state in 2008. Exports come from a diverse array of goods, including manufactured products, electronics, and transportation equipment.

Companies selling manufactured products have shown substantial growth in exported goods over the past decade. Producers in the field of petroleum and coal products exported $1.3 billion in 2009, a nearly 1400 percent jump in just nine years. That improvement is a harbinger of the potential for New York’s exporting capacity, in that field and others.

New York also has a sizeable agricultural community that is bolstered by $927 million in international export sales in 2009. As the third largest exporter of dairy products and the sixth largest exporter of fruits and preparations, New York relies heavily on exporting to support farmers and producers in the area.

The considerable contributions made by New York to the country’s export totals support jobs in the region, and exporting holds great promise to foster variety and growth in the state’s economy. USTR continues to support New York’s efforts by opening markets around the world and enforcing existing trade agreements.