United States and Jordan Hold a Labor Subcommittee Meeting Under the U.S.-Jordan Free Trade Agreement

November 03, 2022

AMMAN – Government officials from the United States and Jordan convened the fourth Labor Subcommittee under the United States-Jordan Free Trade Agreement on October 31, 2022. The Subcommittee works to promote labor rights and enhance technical cooperation on labor matters, including respect for internationally recognized labor rights and improving working conditions for foreign workers in Jordan’s garment sector.
Jordanian Secretary General of Labor Farouq Al-Hadidi led discussions on behalf of Jordan, while officials from the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative and U.S. Department of Labor co-led on behalf of the United States government.
“Ongoing collaboration with Jordan, including through meetings of the U.S.-Jordan FTA Labor Subcommittee, demonstrates how we can apply our worker-centered trade policy to our ongoing trade engagements.  Through this cooperation, we can deliver economically meaningful benefits for our citizens that can create inclusive economic growth and defend the rights of workers,” said Office of the U.S. Trade Representative Director for Labor Affairs Claudia Calderón.
During the Subcommittee meeting, officials reviewed implementation of the labor obligations of the United States-Jordan Free Trade Agreement, and discussed areas of technical cooperation and capacity building.  The Subcommittee meeting concluded with a public session and roundtable discussion with stakeholders from Jordan’s worker organizations, businesses, civils society organizations.  The agenda included increasing women’s economic empowerment and empowering worker voice by raising awareness on labor rights and joining unions. 
To view the United States-Jordan Labor Subcommittee Joint Statement, please click here.