Joint Statement of the United States – Ecuador Trade and Investment Council

April 29, 2024

Fifth Meeting, Washington, DC

WASHINGTON – On April 29, the United States and Ecuador held the fifth meeting of the United States-Ecuador Trade and Investment Council (TIC). The United States delegation was led by Cara Morrow, Senior Advisor at the Office of the United States Trade Representative, and the Ecuadorian delegation was led by the Minister of Production, Foreign Trade, Investment and Fisheries, Sonsoles García. Both delegations included officials from other relevant agencies.

This meeting highlighted the importance of the relationship between Ecuador and the United States and our continued cooperation on bilateral issues, including implementation of the Protocol on Trade Rules and Transparency under the TIC, as well as our commitment to regional collaboration in the Americas Partnership for Economic Prosperity.  

Technical dialogues were carried out on agriculture, intellectual property, labor issues, and environment. In addition, bilateral Committees on Labor Affairs, Environment, and Fair Trade were established. Through these dialogues, the two countries reaffirmed their shared commitment to pursue a bilateral trade policy that is resilient, supports workers, protects our shared environment, and fosters equitable growth. Both countries agreed to continue technical dialogues within the framework of these Committees to address the priority issues they share and identify future areas of collaboration.

Ecuador and the United States concluded the meeting by committing to organize a small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) dialogue that includes the participation of Indigenous and women entrepreneurs, highlighting the importance of ensuring that the benefits of trade extend to all sectors.